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Support to Gaza Community Mental health Programme

Autorité Palestinienne

Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Support to Gaza Community Mental health Programme

Pays/Région : Autorité Palestinienne

Durée : 01.03.2019 - 31.12.2021

By supporting the provision of quality mental health services through Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Switzerland contributes to strengthening the resilience of vulnerable people in the Gaza Strip, where distress, psychological and psychiatric problems continue to increase after more than a decade of Israeli closure and intra-Palestinian divide, repeated traumatic conflicts and the degradation of socioeconomic conditions. Addressing distress and traumas also contributes to the prevention of radicalization.

Projet en bref
* Contexte : The security situation in the Gaza Strip has deteriorated to an alarming level, and the socioeconomic conditions worsened gravely as a result of the Israeli occupation and closure and the intra-Palestinian division. Excessively high rates of poverty and unemployment, acute shortages of electricity, fuel and medical supplies, poor quality of water, dilapidated infrastructure, limited opportunities for treatment abroad, movement restrictions, delayed reconstruction and salary cuts have considerably contributed to deterioration of the social fabric and family ties, leading, among other things, to a sharp increase in Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and girls. These compacted challenges have had considerable impact on the wellbeing and mental health of Gazans.
* Objectifs  : Enhance and sustain wellbeing of the Palestinian society through inclusive, integrated, research-based and quality specialized community mental health services (see Annex 10), guided by the principles of justice, humanity and respect for Human Rights.
* Groupes cibles  : Direct (32,109 persons) and indirect (308,586 persons) victims of Human Rights violations and traumatic events, including children and youth under 18 suffering mental and psychological disorders. CBOs, NGOs, UNRWA and medical care facilities supported by GCMHP to strengthen their capacity in providing non-specialized mental health and psychosocial services, in line with its task shifting approach. (2,699 professionals) MoH & medical NGOs and faculties on development of national community mental health system

Budget de la Suisse  : CHF 1’840’000

Présentation : Coopération Suisse

Page publiée le 8 juillet 2021