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Building Academic Partnerships for Economic Development (South Africa)

Afrique du Sud

Agence Belge de Développement

Titre : Building Academic Partnerships for Economic Development (South Africa)

Pays : South Africa

Durée : Date de début : 15 December 2016 — Date de fin : 15 July 2019

Résumé  : The programme aims at strengthening the academic institutions in South Africa and fostering academic partnerships between South Africa and Belgium in a limited number of priority sectors that are key for South African economic development. Sectors such as ICT (incl. TVET), health (biostatistics) and the maritime sector have already been identified. The primary Beneficiary Institutions are the SA Departments of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Science and Technology (DST), the SA Medical Research Council (SAMRC), TETA, Transnet, and the Belgium Campus. The scholarships are primarily – but not exclusively - intended for institutional strengthening through accelerated Masters and PhDs, supplying the economic sectors through the training of professional Bachelors, national and international exchanges, short term trainings and knowledge sharing activities such as seminars, study tours, exchange visits, etc.

Objectif Général : The general objective is to contribute to the economic development of South Africa through the establishment of a network between South African and Belgian academic institutions.

Objectifs Spécifiques  : Foundations for long-standing partnerships between South African and Belgian research and training institutions, aimed at improving business oriented skills development, training and research, are built.

Financement : Belgique

Budget : 1 500 000.00 €

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