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Public Service Improvement Facility (South Africa)

Afrique du Sud

Agence Belge de Développement

Titre : Public Service Improvement Facility (South Africa)

Pays : South Africa

Durée : Date de début : 28 June 2013 — Date de fin : 27 June 2019

Résumé  : Training Facility is designed as a project and not as a fund because of its main thrust lying on the principle to facititate by linking the demand for capacity building, know-how or skill development and the offer on the other hand, and strengthen the capacity to deliver on the development strategies of the Goverment of South Africa

Objectif Général : The overall objective of the TF is to reduce poverty and contribute tot the socio-economic development in the South-Africa by contributing towards human resource development.

Objectifs Spécifiques  : The specific objective is to improve capabilities of South African public and private sectors by supporting and facilitating their participation in a wide variety of education and training programs, research works, seminars and workshops of international standard.

Financement : Belgique

Budget : 11 000 000.00 €

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