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Oases and Globalization - Ruptures and Continuities

Springer International Publishing

Titre : Oases and Globalization - Ruptures and Continuities

There are very few books on the topic of oases
Highlights worldwide case studies carried out in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Proposes different oasis aspects, in both contexts of globalization and environmental changes
Explores new approaches and contexts : spatial, environmental and social changes, as well as short- and long-term dynamics

Editor (s) : LAVIE, EMILIE, Marshall, Anaïs (Eds.)
Publisher  : Springer International Publishing
Date de parution : 2017
Pages : 255

This book is a reference work about the study of oases in the context of globalization. It is based on selected papers presented at the international colloquium entitled Oases in the Globalization, Ruptures and Continuities in Paris (December 16-17th, 2013). The main issue was to understand how oases have been excluded from or included into the process of globalization. In this context, the present book proposes firstly a discussion about the definition(s) of oasis and secondly several case studies analysing socio-spatial mutations in the oasis structure. The third part deals with the compelling globalization at different spatial scales, using two entries : the water management and local impacts of external control.

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