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National Biodiversity Network (Jordan)


Titre : National Biodiversity Network (Jordan)

Pays : Jordan

Numéro projet : JOR/SGP/OP6/Y4/STAR/BD/19/16

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 2/2020 — 8/2021

Bénéficiaire : The Jordan Society for Scientific Research

This project mainly aims at developing National Biodiversity Network in Jordan (NBN) to bridge and strength national efforts for best management of Jordan’s Biodiversity. The major outcome of establishment of the NBN will enhance community based sustainable development considering biodiversity conservation and optimizing utilization of biodiversity for averting the catastrophic impacts of climate change. The project will work on an inventory of biodiversity efforts for biodiversity bodies in Jordan including governmental institutes, NGOs, Universities, Communities, etc. Besides, the project will update the report on biodiversity activities in collaboration with stakeholders. Project activities will also include 0riented workshops setting connections among biodiversity stakeholders and raising public awareness of biodiversity. Also, a 3 days training will be organized for local communities on biodiversity components and hotspots.

Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 35,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 3,000.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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