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Afghan Girls’ Education (AGE) in Conflict and Fragility


Titre : Afghan Girls’ Education (AGE) in Conflict and Fragility

Numéro de projet : CA-3-P007013001

Pays/Région : Afghanistan

Début-Fin : 2020-03-31 // 2023-12-31

This project aims to increase equitable access to safe, quality, inclusive education and learning opportunities for girls, adolescent girls, and boys, including those with disabilities, in Afghanistan. The project also addresses the barriers to education faced by girls, such as distance to the nearest formal school and a lack of women teachers. Project activities include : (1) establishing community-based schools for students, particularly girls, in remote and hard-to-reach areas to participate in quality learning opportunities ; (2) conducting community outreach sessions to advocate for the importance and value of girls’ education ; (3) installing women friendly toilets, as well as distributing dignity kits for menstrual hygiene management in schools and learning centers ; and (4) recruiting and training female teachers from target communities. The project aims to reach 30,000 children (of which 80% are girls).

Résultats escomptés
The expected outcomes for this project include : (1) increased equitable access to safe, secure, quality, inclusive education Afghan girls, adolescent girls, and boys including those with disabilities ; and (2) improved equitable and coordinated provision of innovative, safe, quality, gender-responsive community-based education for Afghan girls and adolescent girls, including those with disabilities.

Agence d’exécution — Partenaire : BRAC – Afghanistan

Contribution maximale (ACDI) : $12,000,000

Présentation (ACDI-CIDA)

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