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Reinforcing Community Resilience Against Disinformation in Mali


Titre : Reinforcing Community Resilience Against Disinformation in Mali

Numéro de projet : CA-3-P008543001

Pays/Région : Mali

Début-Fin : 2020-12-16 // 2022-12-31

This project aims to reinforce community resilience against disinformation in Mali’s northern and central regions to improve conflict prevention and the security situation. Specifically, the project aims to strengthen multi-stakeholder coordination and collaboration for communicating messages and information that are verified, impartial and conflict-sensitive. These actions will improve the early-warning systems and foster dialogue to prevent violent conflicts in Bamako and in Mali’s northern and central regions (Gao, Mopti, Ségou). The project will also build capacity for youth, women and local authorities in conflict transformation, leadership, positive and conflict-sensitive communication, rumour management and advocacy for peace and stability in Mali. The project’s activities include : (1) providing training on social communication, leadership and disinformation ; (2) organizing forums for community expression and peace initiatives ; (3) leading awareness campaigns without social media and the radio ; (4) providing training for media professionals ; (5) organizing workshops on early-warning mechanisms.

Résultats escomptés
The expected outcomes of this project include : (1) strengthened cooperation among state actors, civil society, the community and women to prevent rumors and hate messages ; (2) improved access to and sharing of verified, credible and conflict sensitive information as well as access to and sharing of alternative narratives that promote social cohesion and the positive role of women ; and (3) support for the coordination and sharing of information on the security situation and intra- and inter-community conflicts, particularly the role of women in conflict resolution.

Agence d’exécution — Partenaire : Search for Common Ground

Contribution maximale (ACDI) : $2,573,553

Présentation (ACDI-CIDA)

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