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Support to the Project Pipeline Development Facility in Jordan


Titre : Support to the Project Pipeline Development Facility in Jordan

Numéro de projet : CA-3-P007566001

Pays/Région : Jordan

Début-Fin : 2021-03-26 // 2023-03-31

This project seeks to contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Jordan through the Project Pipeline Development Facility (PPDF). This project aims to build public-private partnerships (PPP) capacity, operationalize the Government of Jordan’s new Central PPP Unit, and develop a strong pipeline of bankable PPP projects in Jordan. Structured around four significant simultaneous activities, the PPDF includes capacity building, pipeline development, pre-feasibility work, and transaction advisory. Project activities include : (1) delivering on-the-job training and workshops to Central PPP Unit staff, including on gender equality and environmental sustainability ; (2) developing standard operating procedures and templates for the PPP Unit ; (3) developing terms of reference for the Central PPP Unit or line ministries to procure consultants to undertake feasibility studies ; and (4) providing transaction advisory services to the Government of Jordan to prepare, structure, and tender PPP projects for private sector participation.

Résultats escomptés
The expected outcomes for this project include : (1) increased private sector participation in projects, including those that take into consideration gender equality issues ; and (2) increased private sector investment delivery of infrastructure.

Agence d’exécution — Partenaire : IFC - International Finance Corporation

Contribution maximale (ACDI) : $5,000,000

Présentation (ACDI-CIDA)

Page publiée le 21 juillet 2021