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Zambezi Integrated Agro-Commercial Development Project (ZIACDP)


Titre : Zambezi Integrated Agro-Commercial Development Project (ZIACDP)

Pays : Botswana

Date : 04 May 2021 // 30 Jun 2023

IATI Identifiant : 46002-P-BW-AA0-011

The Zambezi Integrated Agro-Commercial Development Project (ZIACDP) is a technical assistance project designed to support the Government of Botswana in its efforts to diversify the economy through expansion of activities in the agriculture and agro industrial sector. The project will help to improve food security, diversify agriculture and create jobs. It will also integrate rural producers and small businesses with commercial value chains and markets ; encourage the inclusion of informal economic actors into the formal system ; enhance the business climate to mobilize private capital ; and integrate youth into agriculture as a business enterprise and source of employment. The project is expected to attract increased private sector investments into agribusiness enterprises following the completion of a bankable full Feasibility Report and the implementation of the project under a PPP model. It comprises three main components namely : (i) Provide Technical, Financial and Legal Assistance to the Zambezi Integrated Agro Commercial Development Project ; (ii) Institutionalize a governance and an implementation management structure that will enable infrastructure development of the Zambezi Integrated Agro Commercial Project under a PPP.

Bénéficiaires :
The project target beneficiaries are farmers and farmer groups ; micro, small, medium, and large-scale enterprises and private sector industrialists.

The purpose of the project is to provide the required infrastructure that will help increase agricultural production, establish an agro industrial base that will drive demand for farm produce and increase productivity for priority value chains like maize, oilseeds sorghum, millet, horticulture, fruits and livestock.


Financement : Middle Income Countries Fund
Engagement : U.A 1,000,000

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