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Responsible Land Policy in Ethiopia


Titre : Responsible Land Policy in Ethiopia

Pays  : Ethiopie

Project duration : janvier 2019 to mars 2025

Ethiopia is chronically food insecure and suffers significant food deficits each year. To tackle this challenge, the Government of Ethiopia strives to increase agricultural production, access to markets and employment opportunities. Investments in commercial agriculture are considered one of the key elements in advancing economic development and supporting the country in achieving food security. In the past, Ethiopia promoted foreign and domestic investment in large-scale farming and identified about 3 million hectares for commercial agricultural purposes. To facilitate economic development, the benefits of such investments need to be shared with local communities. However, achievements in this field remain limited and only a fraction of the land allocated was developed. Traditional land rights of local communities in rural areas remain inadequately documented and large-scale land allocations have often disregarded the rights of legitimate landowners. The struggle over resources between traditional landowners and investors led to a range of disputes and conflicts. The expectations of creating economic development and food security through large-scale land allocations for agriculture have not been met. In addition, government capacities on regulating investments and investor-community conflict management are limited. Agencies at all levels lack knowledge, structures and equipment to steer and monitor commercial agricultural land investments sufficiently. As a result, the rural population, and particularly women and marginalized groups, face great land tenure insecurity. To alleviate poverty and ensure food security in Ethiopia, it is thus essential to promote secure land tenure and responsible agricultural investments.

The country module operates in three fields of activity : * Improving Framework Conditions and Procedures : National and regional authorities in three regions will be sensitized and trained on institutional framework conditions and procedures to enhance land tenure security for the rural population. * Strengthening the Civil Society : The civil society will be supported to contribute to the socio-political debate on responsible land policy through educational campaigns, training measures and awareness raising. * Cooperation with the Private Sector : Private sector actors will be advised and capacitated in exchange fora with communities and trainings on effective land management, to deliver on environmental and social commitments.

Implementing organizations : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (GIZ)
Donors : German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Data Provider : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Project Value : 8,875,000.00 €

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