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Afghanistan Investment Climate Programme (AICP) Harakat


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Titre : Afghanistan Investment Climate Programme (AICP) Harakat

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2017-2020

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : Afghan private sector development NGO Harakat

The Afghanistan Investment Climate Programme (AICP) will be implemented through the Afghan private sector development NGO Harakat during 2016-2023. The first nine months will be an inception phase funded by DFID, whereafter Sida and DFID will jointly fund the programme. In the AICP Harakat will move from it’s previous role of being a direct implementer of projects to procurement and management other partners for the operational implementation. Therefore Harakat has recently been reorganised with a new highly professional board and management to be better fit to manage the programme. The total cost of the programme is 550 million SEK of which DFID contributes approx. 275 million SEK (2016-2023) and Sida 150 million SEK (2017-2020). Approx. 80% of the funding is for programme activities, 8% for programme support and 12% overhead costs. This is assessed by both DFID and Sida, with vast experience in this thematic area, to be a reasonable cost for an investment climate reform programme of this large size. The Swedish funding is channelled through a delegated cooperation arrangement (DCA) with DFID as Lead-donor and Sida as Co-Donor. This will enable Sida to benefit from DFIDs larger capacity and private sector engagement in Afghanistan. The AICP will have four main pillars with focus on (i) business regulatory reform ; (ii) investor protection ;(iii) improved opportunities for women to engage in business activities ; and (iv) Public Private Partnerships (PPP). The main objective of the programme is to improve the investment climate in Afghanistan leding to increased private investments, employment and economic development. The programme is expected to contribute to new investments of 6 billion SEK and creation of 20.000 sustainable jobs.

Resultats  :

Total committed amount : USD 5,850,006

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