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Gestion Locale des Ressources Forestières/Local forest management Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

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Titre : Gestion Locale des Ressources Forestières/Local forest management Burkina Faso

Weoog Paani pro-poor forestry in Burkina Faso 2019-2023

Pays : Burkina Faso

Date : 1 June 2019 to 31 May 2021.

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : Donor country–based NGO

The project GLRF (Gestion Locale des Ressources Forestières/Local forest management) in Burkina Faso aims at implementing at a large scale (25 rural communes) the local forest management model that the non-governmental organization Tree Aid has developed and tested in 8 rual communes in Burkina Faso.

The model contains the follwing main steps :- Mapping of resources through forest inventories and land maps - Socio-economic surveys - Preparation of forest management plans together with local stakeholders (NGO, community organizations, local small enterprises, commune representatives etc) - Forest regeneration and improved forest production together with village organisations, forest extension services and forest researchers- Establishment of micro water dams in the forests in order to increase CO2 sequestration, increase biological diversity and increase forest production- Market studies to identify value chains with economic potential and relevance for vulnerable households- Strengthening of value chains (production - processing - marketing)- Support to local small enterprises och promotion of sustainable micro finance solutions

The Project particularly focuses on women and youth. Capacity building of local groups, small businesses and representatives of communes and government services is an important part of the Project. The government takes responsibility for the Project by the Ministry of Environment’s chairmanship of the Project Steering Committee and by the role of its extension services at regional and local level.

The Project is implemented by a Consortium of three organizations : * - Tree Aid - an international non-profit NGO with its head office in the United Kingdom and specialized on local forest governance * - SNV - an international NGO with broad experience in Africa of private sector & value chain development in agriculture* - The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) - a UN organization with a long background within micro-finance in Burkina Faso

The Project’s activity period will last from 1 June 2019 to 31 May 2021. Sweden is the sole donor and provides a budget of 79 million SEK, of which 1 million SEK will be handled by the Embassy i Ouagadougou for audits, follow-up and evaluation.

Total committed amount : USD 5,076,196

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