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Inclusive Local and Economic Development – ILED Social Safety Nets Component Somalia


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Titre : Inclusive Local and Economic Development – ILED Social Safety Nets Component Somalia

Pays : Somalia

Date : 2019-2022

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agenc
Implementing organisation :  : European Commission

The proposed contribution of a total budget of 140 000 000 SEK during the period 2019-2022 is a partnership with the EU Delegation in Somalia’s Inclusive and Local Economic Development Project through the EU Trust Fund for Africa.

The intervention (Social Safety Nets/SSN component) is expected to enhance the resilience of targeted households by helping them avoid negative coping mechanisms and mitigate the impact of recurrent droughts, while also easing the financial burden on humanitarian assistance. The overall aim of the intervention is to assist the Government of Somalia by establishing a Social Safety Nets programme that will be government owned eventually.

The EU ILED action- Social Safety Nets component has a budget of 20 000 000 EUROs in addition to a contribution from the Embassy of Denmark with a 30 000 000 DKK, specifically for the results area of Social Safety Nets. Once all the contributing donors to the initiative have disbursed funds towards the end of 2019, the EU together with its contributing donor partners will start the process of identifying implementing partners for the safety net pilots that will run alongside the capacity building of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA). This intervention is expected to contribute to the establishment of a national social safety nets scheme in Somalia.

The overall objective of the EU ILED project is to contribute to stability in Somalia by extending state authority and services, promoting local reconciliation and peace-building, creating inclusive economic opportunities, and protecting the most vulnerable.

The Specific Objectives include the following results areas : 1. Stabilisation and governance. Increase the reach and legitimacy of local and municipal authorities, and their capacities to provide services ; promote reconciliation and peace-building, including addressing drivers of conflict ; and deliver peace dividends. 2. Economic growth. Revitalize and expand the local economy with a focus on livelihood enhancement, job creation and broad-based inclusive growth. 3. Social safety nets : Provide safety nets to vulnerable people to contribute to strengthening their recovery and resilience.

Total committed amount : USD 6,345,245

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