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Strengthening Somali Institutional Capacity through Diaspora (Somalia)


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Titre : Strengthening Somali Institutional Capacity through Diaspora (Somalia)

Pays : Somalia

Date : 2019-2020

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS)

The intervention is intended to contribute to the ongoing process of stabilization and statebuilding of Somalia by strengthening the capacity of key government institutions to perform core government functions through the mobilization of Somali diaspora resources. Institutional capacity building intervention targeting the identified key Somali institutions is critical for Somalia to successfully achieve its reconstruction and development objectives stipulated in the National Development Plan. The intended impact of the program is that key government institutions are better able to perform their functions in the stabilisation and statebuilding process in which they play critical roles.

Sida has been supporting the secondment of high-capacity Somali Diaspora to a range of institutions in Somalia since 2013. This work has sought to support the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in the implementation of the Somali National Development Plan (NDP), as well as institutional capacity development more broadly. The second phase of the program "Strengthening Somali Institutional Capacity through Diaspora" will be implemented by the Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS). This will build on phase 1 of the previous support and will continue prioritizing government institutions such as good governance and strengthening the electoral and constitutional processes as well as functioning federal model of Somalia.

The targeted sectors includes but is not limited to :Justice and constitution, Health and Public Financial Management, Gender and Human Right, Planning, Statistics, Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation as well as the office of the President and the office of the Prime Minister. The project will also continue to support the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management. The Diaspora experts will also be seconded to the federal and member states institutions.

Total committed amount : USD 8,430,620

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