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Enhancing the efficiency of justice administration in Eritrea


Titre : Enhancing the efficiency of justice administration in Eritrea

Pays : Erythrée

Date adoption : 06/07/2020

Objectif (s)
The overall objective of the Action is to promote the rule of law, expand access to justice for all, and protect human rights in the State of Eritrea. The Action covers the following areas of interventions : (a) Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and (b) Administration of Justice. In particular, the Action will assist the Government of the State of Eritrea (GoSE) to revise and implement its policies with a view to expanding access to justice for all and enhancing institution effectiveness and accountability at all levels. The action will be aligned to UN standards and norms on crime prevention and criminal justice, it will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Justice, the community courts and the Office of the Attorney General through training and equipment and it will enhance the judicial and prosecutorial service through digitalization.

The specific objectives (expected outcomes) as well as the expected outputs (direct deliverables or benefits of activities) related to each specific objective are the following : * Outcome 1 : To put in place a crime prevention strategy in accordance with the UN standards The Action will focus both on policy improvements and more effective implementation as well as on awareness raising and dissemination. * Outcome 2 : To strengthen the administration of justice

The Action will aim at increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and accountability of the justice system of Eritrea through three interlinked sets of measures, corresponding to the outputs below.

Financement : European Union Emergency Trust Fund (EUTF) for Africa
Contribution (EUTF) : EUR 4 700 000

Présentation (EUTF)

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