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Fast Track Education for Afghan Women and Girls (Afghanistan)


Titre : Fast Track Education for Afghan Women and Girls (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Date non précisée

Lack of education deprives women of opportunity and prevents them from gaining equal standing in society. Refugee women and internally displaced persons (IDPs) miss out on years of learning, making it harder to restart their education. Women need to develop their abilities and be appreciated for what they can contribute. They need literacy, numeracy and to develop critical thinking skills. They also need income- generating skills training to give them the opportunity to start businesses.

Refugee women and girls and those IDPs get the chance to catch up on years of missed schooling, studying for grade certificates on a fast track basis. They can learn income- generating skills such as tailoring and computing and they can then set up small businesses or get jobs. They gain respect, their capacity is recognized and their ideas are sought in family and community.

Thousands of women and girls who are returned refugees or IDPs will become literate and gain other education. Some will mainstream into government schools at age-appropriate grade levels ; some will get work. Women will realize they can be leaders and have a role in community. These displaced women will gain back missed years of education and have more opportunity in life which will enable them to live better lives. They will ensure their daughters are educated so the benefit is generational.

Porteur projet : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €448,338

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