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Local Governance Development in Iraq (LOGDEVI) Iraq


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Titre : Local Governance Development in Iraq (LOGDEVI) Iraq

Pays : Iraq

Date : 2018-2021

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : SALAR

The project proposal "Local Governance Development in Iraq (LOGDEVI)", 2018-2021 submitted by SALAR has a requested budget of 67 300 000 SEK.

The project aims to contribute to Iraq’s decentralisation reform and improving social services in three guvernorates, Duhok, Diwaniyah and Muthanna with the following objectives : 1) Policy framework, systems, and processes are established which are conducive for effective decentralisation in Muthanna and Diwaniyah - and serve as a model for the rest of Iraq och 2) Integrated governance for improved service delivery and child protection in Kurdistan region of Iraq. To implement this project, SALAR will collaborate with a local organisation, Iraqi Research Foundation for Analysis and Development (IRFAD).

Resultats _The proposed intervention by SALAR is expected to strengthen local governance and service delivery to become more effective, people-centred, and accountable in three governorates in Iraq including the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

Total committed amount : USD 7,744,177

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