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Promoting Gender Equality, Resilience and Social Cohesion Iraq


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Titre : Promoting Gender Equality, Resilience and Social Cohesion Iraq

Pays : Iraq

Date : 2020 -2022

Agence : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : OXFAM International

The Oxfam project "Promoting Gender Equality, Resilience and Social Cohesion in Iraq" is implemented in the Ninewa region in Iraq during 2020-2022. It contributes to the two goals of the Swedish strategy for development cooperation with Iraq 2017-2021, to contribute to peaceful and inclusive societies and gender equality. As a large part of the population was forced to flee due to the violent conflicts in Iraq, there is now a big need to create livelihood opportunities for people returning and for people living in poverty. Oxfam’s proposal with the aim to strengthen women’s economic empowerment and resilience among the population living in conflict affected areas through increased access to safe and sustainable livelihood within the agricultural sector, is well-aligned with the goals in the Iraq strategy. With a specific focus on women, the project aims to contribute to women’s economic participation and empowerment within the frames of the strategy.

The project aims to also contribute to social cohesion and thus to contribute to the decrease of tensions in Ninewa, a region of Iraq that has been much affected by contracted conflicts, and which has a population of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as different experiences from displacement and return. Therefore it is very important to contribute to increased opportunities for a safe and sustainable return. The contribution contributes to this through the creation of livelihood opportunities within the agricultural sector, with good potential to generate income for people living in poverty, especially for women and youth, but also for others assessed to be living in vulnerability.

Total committed amount : USD 3,257,435

Page publiée le 15 août 2021