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Build victory gardens for 500 Ethiopian households


Titre : Build victory gardens for 500 Ethiopian households

Pays : Ethiopie

Date : Date non précisée

The students in the village of Atebes near Adigrat, Ethiopia go hungry like peasant households. The village does not have fruits or vegetables due to water shortage and drought. Water and environmental degradation are the main problems in the village. The School in Mugulat does not have water and the kids have to carry water for them and their teachers. They also do not have school lunch or snack programs.

Surface water harvesting will solve the impact of drought and the victory gardens will provide food to the students and families. The students will be trained by a gardening and design expert. Seeds and seedlings will be provided by the project.

The victory garden model will spread to other villages through student victory garden clubs. Perennial fruit trees and vegetables will provide food for the households. The students will play a positive environmental citizenship after they graduate.

Porteur projet : Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB), University of Colorado at Boulder

Budget : €116,523

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Page publiée le 24 août 2021