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Give 2000 Egyptian Families Affordable Health Care


Titre : Give 2000 Egyptian Families Affordable Health Care

Pays : Egypte

Date : Date non précisée

92% of Egyptian women eligible to health insurance are not benefiting from its services. Only 1/5 of those eligible end up using their insurance. They either don’t know, don’t trust in its quality or get lost in the bureaucracy. Out-of-Pocket costs account for more than 63% of total health expenditures. These costs have catastrophic and impoverishing effects on families and women. COVID-19 and restrictions imposed made healthcare even less accessible, specially to those with limited means.

This is a healthcare system navigation service. Each family gets a dedicated agent acting on its behalf to best benefit from the Egyptian healthcare system. Instead of the need to raise charitable funds for costly treatment, we inform families about the coverage they are entitled to, enroll them and guide them on claiming their benefits. This allows them to be protected with significantly less costs. We turn every dollar donated into a SUSTAINABLE source of coverage to THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES.

1) Improved ACCESS to healthcare services, 2) Increased AFFORDABILITY, 3) REDUCED out of pocket COSTS paid by families, 4) REDUCED INEFFICIENCIES and parallel tracks in the healthcare system, 5) Systematic support to national system, 6) Improved agency and empowerment of communities. The average yearly cost of health insurance for 1 person in the US is $4840. With the same amount of money, we enable 387 families, or around 1742 persons access to healthcare coverage.

Porteur projet : Shamseya for Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions

Budget : €22,808

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Page publiée le 5 août 2021