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Egyptian Food Bank


Titre : Egyptian Food Bank

Pays : Egypte

Date : Date non précisée

Initially, supporting day labor campaign was targeting 500,000 families, from both our data base and additional data base of day labor. However, after the expansion and increase in numbers -given that the COVID-19 situation hasn’t changed Egyptian Food Bank has continued to support the community during Ramadan and will continue to support day labor as long as the situation evolves .

Egyptian Food Bank decided to merge both Iftar saem/ Ramadan campaign and Day labor campaign to reach a total of 3,000,000 families this year.

Eliminating hunger problems through creating a diversity of long-term development, awareness, educational and feeding programs to support our cause. In co-operation with credible, potential partners in all sectors

Porteur projet : Egyptian Food Bank

Budget : €167,482

Global Giving

Page publiée le 5 septembre 2021