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Educate to Empower 300 Girls Living in Poverty ! (Egypt)


Titre : Educate to Empower 300 Girls Living in Poverty ! (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Date : Date non précisée

The gender inequality gap in Egypt remains huge. Annually, 200,000 impoverished girls and young women in Egypt must drop out of school to marry early, help in the fields, gain immediate employment, and carry out domestic labor to meet family needs. When in school, they face gender bias, sexual harassment, & bullying. They lack positive, educated female role models to support & inspire them. Generation after another, they become mothers & lead their families into the same unfortunate path.

Your gift will enable us to provide community-based programs to girls, young women, and their mothers within a safe & nurturing environment. Your generosity contributes to our facilitators’ training, who offer exceptional training & education. The team provides six months of training to each girl, which helps restore their sense of dignity and pride by building their self-confidence & empowering them mentally & physically. This program will bring awareness to parents & build community support.

Increased self-confidence, literacy, leadership skills, health & community engagement, are a few of the benefits our program impacts these underserved girls & mothers along with essential skills to overcome social challenges. Our belief is if the mothers are educated on the significance of gender equality, nutrition, early child marriage, bullying & sexual harassment’s danger, they will be empowered to invest in educating their children, impacting their future positively for generations to come.

Porteur projet : Our Hope Heya Masr for Society Development

Budget : €25,031

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Page publiée le 5 septembre 2021