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Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure


Titre : Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure

Pays : India

Date : Date non précisée

The women in Seva Mandir’s work area come from the most disadvantaged sections of society, often lagging behind in human development indicators. We are working with these women to enhance their capacity to improve their social and economic status in society. At present we have 493 Self-Help Groups with 7,516 women. Around 900 women have established their own enterprises as a source of livelihood.

The Self-Help Groups provide a platform for women to come together, share, learn, save and create long-term income-generating activities for themselves. This reduces their dependency on moneylenders who charge high rates of interest. It also gives women a voice and greater bargaining power within the community.

SHGs help women gain confidence socially, institutionally & economically. These efforts can lead them to new roles as major contributors to family income and ultimately transform their position and status within the household and the community at large.

Porteur projet : Seva Mandir

Budget : €32,484

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