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Support Poor Farmers in India


Titre : Support Poor Farmers in India

Pays : India

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Over 70% of the population in our area of work is dependent on agriculture. Farmers in these areas mostly rely on traditional methods of farming, resulting in low agricultural production and hence, income. Lack of knowledge and poor irrigation facilities elevate their problems. Due to problems as such, migration towards cities in search of better livelihood is being pursued extensively. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown its effects on poor farmers leaving fewer opportunities of income.

Given the background, the project aims at not only improving the livelihood of small farmers but also at improving their food and nutritional intake. The intervention will build capacities of farmers in advanced farming techniques and will also increase availability of water for irrigation. With more water available, farmers can now grow more than one crop in a year which will lead to enhancement of their income. Better well-being and higher income will help them sustain and come out of poverty.

Trainings on advanced farming practices &market linkages, extensive agricultural support, improved irrigation will expand the horizon of understanding of small farmers. This will enable them to adopt various methods and practices to increase productivity, income and also, meet the family’s food and nutritional requirements. The farmers will gain access to a long-term livelihood solution, they can secure their food needs, manage their resources & will not have to migrate to cities.

Porteur projet : Seva Mandir

Budget : €40,964

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