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Empower India Rural Girl Children with Education


Titre : Empower India Rural Girl Children with Education

Pays : India

Date : Date non précisée

There’s a notion among the communities that we serve in that girl children are not fit to get educated and pursue their dreams, but should stay home, help the household. Even among the girls who do join school drop out rates on attaining puberty is especially common. Because of this thinking, there’s a significant skew in the gender ratio of the children who pass out of school.

Isha Vidhya empowers girl children education by providing education support, noon-meal & transportation subsidies to deserving girl children in the communities we serve in. We try to correct the admission ratio skew by providing more of these benefits to the girl children, thus achieving a 47% of admission as girls overall. We also have no girls dropping out on reaching puberty. Quality education, noon meal and safe transportation motivate parents to admit & continue education of their girls.

Confident, educated and healthy girl children will be able to pursue higher education and job opportunities in the fields of their choice. They will be pillars of support for their home, parents and the community. Gender skewing in the community will recede over time. Importantly, it also ensures that the next generation gets far better parenting and therefore a better life.

Porteur projet : Isha Education

Budget : €331,993

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Page publiée le 31 juillet 2021