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Gift an education...Make a life ! (India)


Titre : Gift an education...Make a life ! (India)

Pays : India

Date : Date non précisée

Despite considerable economic progress in India in the last couple of decades, poverty has continued to pervade rural areas. Children in rural areas have been denied access to proper education with schools lacking basic facilities, teachers being unmotivated and frequently absent. Even those who eventually make it through twelve years of schooling graduate lacking even basic skills, making it impossible to seek gainful employment or pursue higher education.

Education is the only ladder for these rural children to climb out of poverty. Isha Vidhya creates bright future for 8523 rural children in its 10 rural schools providing quality infrastructure, computers, joyful learning aids, English language program (Karadi Path) & holistic development through sports, yoga & nutritious noon meals. The schools actively promote girls education. The schools teach health & hygiene. Isha Vidhya also provides support for 60 govt. schools impacting 40000+ children

Children passing out of the school would have received a good quality education with English and computer literacy and holistic development, which would enable them to realize their full potential in any field they choose. This education is the key to lifting them and their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Teacher augmentation, English & remedial teaching in Govt. schools lead to improved quality of education producing more confident & educated children.

Porteur projet : Isha Education

Budget : €539,062

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Page publiée le 31 juillet 2021