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Education for Every Girl in India


Titre : Education for Every Girl in India

Pays : India

Date : Date non précisée

According to the survey of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 2013-14, 13.20 lakh children of 6-14 age group leave school every year in Rajasthan state because these students have to face all sorts of problems to get education. Due to the pathetic conditions of deprived families, their guardians are not able to afford their school spending because of which intelligent and ambitious students get miles away from the school education.

Distributing educational stuffs to 500 underprivileged school girl students will help them to get equal opportunities for education. The project will help the poor students to be conscious towards education which will reduce the problem of school drop-out to some extent. As the parents will get help in getting educational stuffs, they will motivate their children to get school education and the children will gain confidence.

500 poor students will get major help to get education by distributing educational material project and they will also get better opportunities for higher education, the problem school drop-out will end. Being educated 500 marginalized students will set up the development of their village and illiterate parents will also get some help.

Porteur projet : Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan

Budget : €33,652

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Page publiée le 30 juillet 2021