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Training 130 women youth health leaders in Gujarat (India)


Titre : Training 130 women youth health leaders in Gujarat (India)

Pays : India

Date : Date non précisée

Through our direct work with these women, a pressing need has been identified - ’basic personal hygiene’ care needs. Women have cited problems and health issues relating to their monthly menstrual cycles leading to infections and cancers. Lack of awareness and affordability is the reason why women continue using unhygienic practices during menstruation. In majority of the cases the women have to choose between menstrual sanitation and food. This project aims to tackle both of these issues.

This project tackles problems of both awareness & affordability. Taking place in 35 slums of Ahmedabad, health awareness workshops will allow local women to learn about the importance of menstrual health & hygiene, including sanitary pads. Two youth leaders will be chosen from each slum and will take part in a training session on health issues and business skills. They will be given stock of low-cost sanitary pads to promote and sell to local women in their slums

2500 women or girls will better informed about healthcare and hygiene. 2500 women or girls will access to affordable sanitary towels. Improved health of women due to above. Improvement in school attendance for girls. Awareness of health and sanitation practices will be transferred to daughters and granddaughters and all generations for the future. Youth leaders will generate income from sales of sanitary pads and other hygiene related products.

Porteur projet : Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group

Budget : €33,159

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