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Numéro de projet : P164509

Date d’approbation : 20 juin 2019
Date de clôture : 22 décembre 2025

Pays : Niger

The development objective of Agricultural and Livestock Transformation Project for Niger is to increase agriculture productivity and access to markets for small and medium farmers and agri-food small and medium enterprises in the participating project regions. This project has four components. 1) The first component, Improving the quality of agriculture support services and policies, aims to increase the productivity of agriculture for both crop production and sedentary livestock systems, including aquaculture and fisheries, and to improve the safety of food products, by strengthening agriculture support services and policies. It has the following subcomponents : (i) Strengthening crop and livestock extension services ; (ii) Support to veterinary and phytosanitary services ; and (iii) Strengthening the policy, legal, and regulatory framework and developing mechanisms for preventing and responding to severe crises and emergencies in the agriculture sector. 2) The second component, Increasing investments in agricultural production, processing, and market access, aims to increase private investments by the various players in the agri-food sector in agricultural production, processing and market access. It has the following subcomponents : (i) Developing Productive Partnerships ; (ii) Increasing Access to Finance ; and (iii) Providing support to financial institutions. 3) The third component, Project coordination, aims to support MAGEL in the implementation of the project. 4) The fourth component, Contingent Emergency Response, aims to recategorize and reallocate financing from other project components to cover emergency response and recovery costs.

Montant total du projet : USD 134.90 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

Page publiée le 30 juillet 2021