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Improved Learning Environments for Children (ILEC) in Irbid Governorate (Jordan)


Titre : Improved Learning Environments for Children (ILEC) in Irbid Governorate (Jordan)

Pays /Région : Jordan
Localisation : Irbid

Dates : 2015 // 2019

With funding from Global Affairs Canada, the ILEC project will improve access to quality learning and teaching environments and strengthen school staffs’ ability to respond to students’ hygiene and psychosocial needs.

There are two main project components : * School rehabilitation : Seventy-five public school buildings, selected by Jordan’s Ministry of Education (MoE), will undergo renovations, repairs and upgrades. Additionally, 60 washrooms will be refurbished and 15 new washrooms will be constructed to ensure the provision of safe, potable water, washing facilities and latrines. * Education staff training : MoE and LWF Jordan will jointly develop and deliver a training program for 40 MoE staff trainers on hygiene promotion ; environmental awareness ; movements, games and sport ; child protection ; and non-violent communication. These MoE staff trainers will conduct a series of trainings for teachers, counsellors and principals from the refurbished schools.

Bénéficiaires attendus  : 42,617 people

Partenaires de mise en oeuvre  : Government of Jordan Ministry of Education, Lutheran World Federation Jordan

Financement : Canadian Lutheran World Relief, Global Affairs Canada

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

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