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Irrigation-Based Integrated Development (Ethiopia)


Titre : Irrigation-Based Integrated Development (Ethiopia)

Pays /Région : Ethiopie

Dates : 2018 – 2020

To improve the ability of small-scale farmers and their households in the Afar District to feed themselves and earn an income, this project is focused on improving crop production through the construction of irrigation canals. Community members will be employed to build the canal that will develop 200 hectares of irrigable land. The project will also provide training in sustainable farming and irrigation practices and establish water users’ associations to maintain the canals and support women through the creation of women’s savings and credit groups.

Bénéficiaires attendus  : 6000 people

Partenaires de mise en oeuvre  : Support for Sustainable Development

Financement : Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Page publiée le 14 août 2021