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Developing an Innovation-led BioEconomy Strategy for Eastern Africa (BISEA)

BioEconomy Eastern Africa

African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)

Titre : Developing an Innovation-led BioEconomy Strategy for Eastern Africa (BISEA)

Région/Pays : Afrique de l’Est

Date : 2018-2021

The development of future bio economies in the eastern African region is challenging and governments/policymakers are faced with many questions, such as ; * How can countries in eastern Africa, with all their constraint, make the best out from their huge bio-resources, using new technologies and new market conditions ? * What type of investments in, science and technology, bioscience innovation and natural resource management and production systems can best connect smallholders to markets, value chains and agro-processing opportunities ? * How could the energy, health and manufacturing sector make use of new technologies opportunities for biobased productions in an eastern African context, and how could such technologies support and add value to traditional medicine/knowledge ? * How to get there ? How should these innovation and production systems be developed and supported ? What specific investments are needed and how can capacity be built ? What strategies and what policies need to be put in place ? What type of innovation, entrepreneurship and financing models are needed ?

Objectifs _The overall development objective of the proposed project is to develop, in close consultation with Science and Technology Councils and Commission and relevant ministries and stakeholders in all six BioInnovate countries, a regional innovation-driven bioeconomy strategy shared by the countries in the eastern Africa region. A strategy which can inspire and catalyse the development of national bioeconomy strategies and subsequent policy development and interventions that are able to create new jobs and a sustainable biobased and inclusive economic growth in the region.

The specific objectives are to :
* Review the current bioeconomy landscapes of the participating nations, identifying key actors, institutions, networks and technological factors, their roles and relationships as well as assess policy options, gaps, challenges, and the competitive advantage of these economies to spur bio-based economic growth in the region ;
* Building from the background policy and technological assessment, conduct empirical studies of strategic issues, components and factors enabling biobased economic growth in eastern Africa ;
* Building from the theoretical and empirical assessments, solicit inputs from stakeholders to ascertain the strategic goals, approaches and actions for the region that will be integrated into a draft regional bioeconomy strategy to catalyze and guide the development of national bioeconomy strategies and subsequent policies and actions ; - Develop two (2) high quality targeted policy briefs based on the status report on bioeconomy in the region and policy that will support and inform the national and regional dialogues on the development of national and regional bioeconomy strategies, policies and actions ; - With the existing framework of BioInnovate Africa, organize regional and multidisciplinary bioeconomy forum and platform for generating knowledge and insights that could assist countries to formulate and implement strategies and policies in support of bioeconomy development ; and - Seek approval and adoption of the regional bioeconomy strategy by the organs of the East African Community ;

Mise en œuvre : African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)

Financement : BioInnovate Africa Programme
Subvention : USD 500,000

African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)

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