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Improving skills for young plumbers and electricians through dual apprenticeship training (Kenya)


Titre : Improving skills for young plumbers and electricians through dual apprenticeship training (Kenya)

Pays : Kenya

Durée : 2021-2022

Engaging the private sector : The long-term vision is a national TVET system in Kenya that produces highly qualified young professionals who match the needs of the private sector and are integrated into the labour market. The aim is for the private sector to engage directly in skills interventions ; drive a training mechanism that is valued by both the private sector and government ; and assume ownership and joint responsibility for transforming the way young people are trained.

Dual apprenticeships for a skilled workforce : The goal is for young workers to be able to access better jobs in safer workplaces and achieve higher incomes from jobs usually done by a non-Kenyan workforce. This will be achieved by establishing dual apprenticeships for young job seekers to be trained as skilled workers. This training modality is a cost-effective alternative driven by the private sector as it is anchored in enterprises. It ensures close links between practical company-based and training centre-based theoretical learning.

Design and implementation phase : In the period 2021-22, a dual apprenticeship model that is adapted to the local context will be designed (in two high-priority construction trades – plumbing and electrical installation) and commitments with relevant stakeholders will be signed.

Co-creating an apprenticeship offer together with public and private partners : Through public-private partnerships with Kenyan and select multinational enterprises, an apprenticeship offer for plumbing and electrical installations will be co-created. On the one hand, the project will enable newly skilled young Kenyan workers to access decent jobs in safe workplaces and earn higher living incomes. On the other hand, employers will benefit from the services of more skilled and productive workers.

The project seeks to reach young men and women above 18 years who have completed 4 years of secondary school and 1-year craft certificate or equivalent. It will aim to improve their technical skills and hands-on experience to install electrical and plumbing systems. The project will also address their working attitude towards safety standards, time management and the efficient and sustainable use of materials and resources.

Establishing a business case for dual apprenticeships : The project aims to raise awareness among enterprises that an integrated learning programme, which combines school-based theory and on-the-job training anchored in companies will pay off in the long run. The project will work with companies so that the risks that are implied in the development of a dual apprenticeship model are distributed among more than one party.

This dual apprenticeship project will aim for systemic impact, which goes beyond the immediate value for the enterprise or apprentice to bring about changes that will benefit a wider set of companies and their networks and that are sustainable at the sectoral level beyond the project duration

Financement : This project is financed by Hilti Foundation, among other donors. As part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, it is co-financed by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA).

Présentation : Swisscontact

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