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Oasis Development Project-phase II Mauritania


Titre : Oasis Development Project-phase II Mauritania

Secteur : Rural Development

Pays bénéficiaire : Mauritanie

Durée : 7 years
Date du début des travaux : February,1995

A.Objectifs : Improving the living conditions of poor rural families in oasis areas and increasing food security in areas where natural resources are limited and fragile, and living conditions are amongst the lowest and most difficult in the whole country.
B.Activités : The project’s programme approach implies a basket of different activities to be selected by the target group according to their specific needs. The activities included in the basket are based on components that were proven useful in Phase I-together with : (i) agricultural development ; (ii) environmental protection ; and (iii) institutional strengthening. In addition, support is provided for the mobilization and protection of the natural resource base in the oasis areas, as well as for restructuring and strengthening rural institutions involved in oasis development to make them more participatory and autonomous. Support is also provided for the organization of grass-roots institutions in the oasis farmlands.

Mise en œuvre : AFESD

Pays donateur : IFAD
Autres donateurs : AFESO

Budget : USD 17.22 million

Document de référence MOFA Japan

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