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Resilient Landscapes and Livelihoods Project Ethiopia


Titre : Resilient Landscapes and Livelihoods Project Ethiopia

Pays : Ethiopia

Durée : 21/08/2020 (approuvé) — 07/10/2025 (fin)

Land degradation in Ethiopia has proceeded at an alarming rate and will be increasingly aggravated by climate change. Conservative estimates suggest climate change will reduce agricultural crop productivity in Ethiopia by 5 to 10 percent by 2030.

This project is designed to improve climate resilience, land productivity and carbon storage, while also increasing access to diversified livelihood activities in selected vulnerable rural watersheds of Ethiopia. While scaling up existing initiatives with demonstrated climate value and co-benefits, it will also pilot innovations including inclusive, bottom-up decision making with rural communities. Proposed interventions include targeting rural livelihood productivity and resilience through sustainable land management, low-emission resilient agriculture practices, and enhanced land tenure. This initiative will contribute to removing barriers to women’s ownership and control over assets.

Bénéficaires : 4 200 000 = Direct : 26 200 000 — Indirect

Total project value : 297.2m

Green Climate Fund (GCF)

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