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Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI) 2021

Strengthening the potato value chain in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Potatoes Kurdistan Iraq

Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI)

Titre : Strengthening the potato value chain in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Région /Pays : Irak

Date : Start : 01/07/2021 — End : 30/11/2025

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s (KRI) favourable climate and soil fertility offer ideal conditions for potato production, while cultivation and post-harvest activities provide important sources of employment and income in rural areas. Land and labour are also in abundance so there is the potential to significantly increase production.

However, due to a lack of investment in the value chain and the limited training received by trainers and extension workers, these factors are underutilised. Although progress has been made in potato production and productivity, the full agricultural and economical potential of this crop is not being realised. Through the intervention of a public-private partnership, this project aims to strengthen the potato value chain in KRI through improved production and processing, access to markets, training and employment opportunities for internally displaced people (IDP) and refugees, and the capacity building of farmers and other stakeholders.

This CABI-led five-year project is being implemented in the Duhok Province of KRI through a public-private partnership. The goal is to meet demand for locally-produced and processed potato products through further development and completion of the Potato Value Chain. The project aims to achieve an increased and more resilient income for farmers and a sustainable, locally-sourced value chain that supplies the regional market and contributes to local economic development.

The project involves two main areas of activity : building the capacity of target groups through the training of trainers and provision of information resources ; and establishing post-harvest services, a potato processing plant and cold storage through infrastructure investment and training.

Partenaires : Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources in Kurdistan Region ; University of Duhok ; KH ; HZPC

Donateur : The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Présentation : CABI

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