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Rehabilitation and Expansion of Sana’a – Al Hudaydah Road (Yemen)


Titre : Rehabilitation and Expansion of Sana’a – Al Hudaydah Road (Yemen)

Pays de réalisation : Yemen

Date d’approbation : 11/07/2013

Bénéficiaire : Ministry of Public Works and Highways

The project aims at developing transport between the capital Sana’a and the country’s main port in Al Hudaydah, by rehabilitating and expanding the road that links the two cities. This will reduce bottlenecks, accommodate the increasing traffic and allow for safer travel on this road, which is the main one in the national road network.

The project, which is expected to be completed at the end of the first quarter of 2016, includes the necessary works to rehabilitate and expand part of the road that stretches between the capital Sana’a and Al Hudaydah port. These works include digging, paving, bridge construction, protection works and traffic safety works. The length of the road subject to the works is about 139 km, and has been divided into two sections for design and implementation purposes. The first section stretches from Al Masajid area to Manakhah and is about 70 km long. The second section stretches from Manakhah to the Bajil – Al Sharq intersection, and is approximately 69 km long. The project also includes a diversion of about 14.6 km in Manakhah and the construction of a tunnel, around 70 km from the capital. In addition, the project includes the necessary technical services and expertise for the supervision of the works, and training of the local cadre.

Coût du projet : KD 104.1 million
Montant du prêt : KD 30.0 million
(*) 1 KD is equivalant to about = 3.3227 USD

Financement : The Arab Fund’s loan covers about 29% of the total project cost. The Central Bank of Yemen will also contribute to the financing of the project with an amount equivalent to about KD 64.3 million (about 62% of the total cost). The Yemeni Government will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that may arise.

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