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Heightening of Mohamed V Dam (Morocco)


Titre : Heightening of Mohamed V Dam (Morocco)

Pays de réalisation : Maroc

Date d’approbation : 25/04/2019

Bénéficiaire : Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water

The project aims at improving the regulation of Wadi Moulouya’s water through the heightening of Mohamed V dam to compensate for the decrease in the storage capacity of the dam due to the accumulation of sediment in its reservoir, and to provide additional quantities of water to meet the demand for water in the project region. The additional water provided by the project will allow for the intensification of agricultural production in the lands equipped for irrigation from the existing dam, meeting the demand for drinking water, as well as the generation of additional electricity from the dam’s existing hydroelectric power station. The project will also contribute to the protection of the land downstream of the dam in Wadi Moulouya basin from the risk of flooding.

The project, which is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2024, consists of the works related to the heightening of Mohamed V dam, and the technical services to review and complete the studies and designs of the project, in addition to the land expropriation and implementation management.

Coût du projet : KD 41.4 million
Montant du prêt : KD 30.0 million
(*) 1 KD is equivalant to about = 3.3227 USD

Financement : The Arab Fund’s loan covers about 72% of the total project cost. The Moroccan Government will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that may arise. .

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