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Water Supply and Development of the Agricultural System in the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt)


Titre : Water Supply and Development of the Agricultural System in the Sinai Peninsula(Egypt)

Pays de réalisation : Egypt

Date d’approbation : 05/04/2016

Bénéficiaire : Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

The project aims at supplying water for drinking and irrigation purposes, and developing the agricultural system in 15 development compounds, 8 in the north Sinai governorate and 7 in the south Sinai governorate, out of 26 compounds to be established to settle bedouins. These compounds, which will host agricultural and industrial activities, constitute one of the components of the Sinai Peninsula’s Development Program.

The project, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019, comprises the following components :
* Drilling and Equipping Groundwater Wells : This includes all works related to the drilling of approximately 400 wells ranging in depth between 100 and 1100 m, equipping them with pumps, electrical generators, fuel tanks, and pump houses, as well as the drilling of observation wells to monitor the groundwater levels within each well field.
* Construction of Irrigation Systems : This comprises all works and equipment required for the drip-irrigation of about 14 thousand acres, including laying the main pipelines to convey water from the wells to about 15 open ground reservoirs, the supply and installation of water filters, the main and secondary irrigation network pipelines, and the necessary booster pumps and fuel tanks.
* Leveling the Agricultural Land : This includes all works related to the leveling of about 14 thousand acres of agricultural land.
* Construction of Greenhouses and Installation of Beehives : This includes the construction of about 12 thousand plastic greenhouses, and the installation of about 14 thousand beehives.
* Technical Services : This includes the consultancy services necessary to review the designs, specifications and tender documents of the project components, and project supervision. It also includes the update, completion and review of the water and soil studies in the various project areas, in addition to any other studies which may be required for the implementation of the project.

Coût du projet : KD 50.0 million
Montant du prêt : KD 50.0 million
(*) 1 KD is equivalant to about = 3.3227 USD

Financement : The Arab Fund’s loan covers 100% of the project cost.

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