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Reviving farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon


MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF

Titre : Reviving farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon

Pays : Liban

Dates : 22 May 2013 // 31 Aug 2016

Identification : 00086602

* Project Description
Integrated intervention to expand livelihood opportunities for vegetable farmers in South Lebanon through the establishment of a market place reducing transaction costs and access to extension services to improve post-production stages which are at the heart of sectoral vulnerability.This project will benefit 426,000 Lebanese residents, including over 8,000 fruit and vegetable producers, and serve as a pilot model to be replicated in other rural areas in Lebanon.

* Development Goal : To improve farmers’ livelihoods in South Lebanon through assisting small farmers in overcoming post-production constraints.

* Key Immediate Objectives  : Increased livelihood opportunities and imcome for farmers in Nabatieh Mohafazat

Financement :
Budget approuvé : 700,000 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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