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Peace and Transition Support Project (Yemen)


MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF

Titre : Peace and Transition Support Project (Yemen)

Pays : Yemen

Dates : 25 Jul 2014 // 31 Dec 2015

Identification : 00091373

* Project Description : The Peace and Transition Support Project will use country systems at district and governorate level to address the drivers of conflict, signal state commitment to an inclusive social contract and build national capacities to address the triggers of violence in Yemen. The PTSP has been developed by the Working Group for Governance and Elections.

* PBF Outcome : Local government is seen committed to engage local communities (including women, youth, and civil society) in the formulation of their district plans and in the delivery public services that address potential conflict triggers and promote stability during the transition phase.

* Key Project Activities : A Peace and Transition Support Project will support increasing citizen participation in peace and development planning and policy development, work to rebuild the social contract of marginalized groups, most importantly the youth and women.

Budget approuvé : 2,000,000 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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