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Water for peace in Yemen : Strengthening the role of women in water conflict


MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF

Titre : Water for peace in Yemen : Strengthening the role of women in water conflict

Pays : Yemen

Dates : 12 Nov 2018 // 30 Nov 2020

Identification : 00113031

This project will contribute to the mitigation of water-based conflicts that have affected agriculture in Wadi Rimaa’ in Hodaidah Governorate. Farming communities (men, women and youth) around Wadi Rimaá will be engaged to resolve local conflicts over upstream and downstream water allocation. The approach to be used will have multiple impacts, including strengthening the participation of women in conflict resolution mechanisms at the local community level ; increasing economic self-reliance and improving livelihood opportunities ; and enhancing social cohesion. Moreover, the project will introduce drought-tolerant as well as salt tolerant planting as a climate change mitigation measure, particularly in the downstream areas of Wadi Rima, which have experienced greater impact of salinization. It is hoped that this project will work as catalyst to address similar water allocation-based conflicts in wadis elsewhere in Yemen. The lack of regulation, increase in demand and the increased competition over water resources have all increased conflict over water resources. This has led to an increase in influence and control over water resources by prominent community members and farmers, leaving marginalized smallholder farmers and other community members with insufficient water for agriculture and basic needs. As a result, many farmers (especially those of young age) have abandoned agriculture in search of other livelihood practices. Others have resolved to other ways including getting involved in the armed conflict in Yemen. In rural areas of Yemen, the majority of women not only depend on agriculture as their main source of livelihood, but have a leading role in agriculture. Additionally, women are the main fetchers of water for household needs. Due to the competition and monopoly of water sources, women may be denied access to water sources. This, in Yemeni culture may elevate up to tribal clashes between various household members or group members.

Budget approuvé : 1,500,000 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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