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Niger Childhood, food security and nutrition Program

Niger 2009

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF

Titre : Niger Childhood, food security and nutrition Program

Pays : Niger

Dates : 31 Mar 2009 // 30 Jun 2013

Identification : 00067243

The joint program sought to contribute to the achievement of MDGs 1, 4 and 5 in the struggle against hunger, reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. The program reached over 52,000 pregnant women with antenatal care (ANC) and assisted about 8,500 deliveries. Nine thousand kits were distributed to pregnant women and over 36,000 contraceptives provided. Similarly, campaigns to promote vitamin A reached 89% of children targeted under 5 years and 82% of pregnant and lactating women.

The nutritional education and behavior change communication campaign was performed, 85% of the 95 schools targeted received additional training materials and classes. Also, 60% of schools benefited from wells and water supply equipment and 75% of schools in the targeted areas were equipped with school gardens. 80% of schools received the essential learning package, which includes kitchens, stores, pallets, facilities for washing hands, canteens, latrines. In addition, nearly 20 health practitioners received training on management of nutrition and food security programs, and two teaching modules for health personnel, including students, were designed.

The JP’s capacity building activities have improved the quality of meals and increased the nutritional value while boosting new consumption patterns. Similarly, the introduction of the concepts of gardening and nutrition in the curriculum is expected to promote sustainable behavior change in nutrition.

The JP promoted the establishment of a functional system for sustained advocacy for nutrition and food security. Several meetings were held with health authorities, as a result the National Nutrition Policy, the feeding strategy and Nutrition of the young child were developed. In addition, a budget line was included in the 2012 and 2013 budget to purchase therapeutic inputs.

Budget approuvé : 4,000,000 US$

MultiPartner Trust Fund Office (MPTF)

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