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Emergency Desert Locust Control Needs of Ethiopia


Titre : Emergency Desert Locust Control Needs of Ethiopia

Pays /Région : Ethiopie
Lieu (x) : 56 desert locust infested regions of Ethiopia

Code projet : OSRO/ETH/003/USA

Durée : 22/01/2020-21/08/2020

Objectif (s) : To improve the food security situation through coordinated control of desert locust invasions ; reduction of egg-laying adults, prevention of hopper-bands and migration of the fledgling desert locust populations to crop fields, grazing land and forested areas.

* Procured 3 000 personnel protective equipment kits, including aprons, masks, PVC and nitrile gloves, caps, overalls, boots and goggles which were used by desert locust control teams in field operations.
* Procured and distributed 20 000 litres of aviation fuel for DLCO-EA, to conduct aerial operations in Dire Dawa, Komblocha and Samara areas.
* Coordinated with government partners, aerial control and surveillance operations with two fixed wing aircraft and two helicopters.
* Conducted ground and aerial operations in a total of five regions (Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and Somali).
* Trained 999 staff from regional government departments, plant protection units, and development agents from the affected communities for two days on survey and control operations.

Partenaires : Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA), Ministry of Agriculture and the Somali Bureau of Agriculture. Bénéficiaires : 999 government staff trained

Financement : USA
Contribution : USD 800 000

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