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Regreening Africa : Restoring land and livelihoods in the


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Titre : Regreening Africa : Restoring land and livelihoods in the Sahel

Pays/Region : Sahel

Durée : July 2017 to September 2022

Through the Regreening Africa project, the European Union is supporting land restoration across one million hectares, benefitting 500,000 households in Mali, Niger, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Rwanda. The project is implemented by a consortium of partners, and leverages the unique strengths of various programmes and projects to build synergies and avoid duplication of efforts.

Through a diverse set of agroforestry practices and practical innovations the initiative has proven that it is indeed possible to restore degraded lands and critical ecosystem functions. Agroforestry is the deliberate and systematic integration of trees into croplands and livestock grazing areas— a crucial ingredient to maintain healthy landscapes capable of providing a wide range of ecosystem goods and services in perpetuity. By incorporating trees into croplands, communal lands and pastoral areas, regreening efforts make it possible to reclaim the continent’s degraded lands for nature and people.

Mise en œuvre : component 1 : GIZ ; components 2 and 3 : a consortium led by World Agroforestry (World Agroforestry/ICRAF, World Vision, Oxfam, CARE, SahelEco, Catholic Relief Services)

Instrument de financement : Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)
Cout total (€) : EUR 24 779 310.00
Contribution (EU) (€) : EUR 21 100 000.00

Présentation : EU

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