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Resilience Against Climate Change – REACH (North Ghana)


International Partnerships

Titre : Resilience Against Climate Change – REACH (North Ghana)

Pays : Ghana

Durée : September 2018 to December 2024

The objective is to support the creation of climate-oriented development plans by building district databases with precise planning data. This also involves providing IT equipment and training, as well as establishing a digital library on agricultural projects and programmes for all interested parties to use.

REACH intends to contribute to increase rural communities’ resilience to fight climate change, and to facilitate adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts on rural livelihoods in the savannah ecosystem of Ghana.

The project consists in : * Assisting Municipal and District planning teams to develop climate-smart Development Plans (MTDP) contributing to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). * Improving and establishing extension services on Conservation Agriculture. * Standardizing the productions of Community Action Plans (CAP) that focus on climate adaptation. * Providing grants for the adaptation activities identified in the CAPs.

The project directly benefits Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts Assemblies (MMDAs) ; farmers and rural communities who are the most affected and most threatened by climate change.

Mise en œuvre : GIZ/ComCashew

Cout total (€) : EUR 19 500 000.00
Contribution (EU) (€) : EUR 17 000 000.00

Présentation : EU

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