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Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY) Yemen


International Partnerships

Titre : Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY) Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Durée : August 2020 to December 2023

Six years of conflict in Yemen have massively impacted the local population, with over 80% of Yemenis struggling to provide for their families. In this context, local authorities have proven remarkably resilient in the face of the prolonged effects of the conflict but their situation is precarious. Therefore, local authorities in Yemen need structured and systematic attention and support to keep meeting the needs of conflict-affected populations – water and sanitation services, health and education systems, as well as support for jobs and growth.

The SIERY project builds on a long-standing partnership of the EU with UNDP in support of local authorities in Yemen. It works towards a responsive and accountable local governance, led by local authorities and inclusive of local economies driven by micro, small and medium-enterprises. It provides much needed support for sustained delivery of water, sanitation and health services, as well as enabling schools, local markers and local businesses to maintain their operations.

The ultimate aim is to guarantee resilience and gradual recovery, eventually creating an enabling environment for stabilization and peace.

Mise en œuvre : UNDP

Cout total (€) : EUR 69 800 000.00
Contribution (EU) (€) : EUR 69 800 000.00

Présentation : EU

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