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Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization in Ethiopia (SIRAYE)


Titre : Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization in Ethiopia (SIRAYE)

Pays : Ethiopie

Partenaire (s) : ILO - International Labour Organization – Switzerland

Période d’exécution : Project start : 01.10.2020 // End : 31.12.2023

The overarching development goal of the Programme SIRAYE (Amharic for "my Job") is to see improved respect of workers’ rights leading to greater incomes and compensation, enhanced safety, equality, voice, and representation. The programme also aims to lift industrial productivity and competitiveness to enable a global competitive textile and garment sector ; and encourage accountable and transparent government institutions.

Groupe cible/ Beneficiaires  : Direct beneficiaries of the Overall programme include 62,000 workers and employers in the target factories, officials of government, employers’ and workers’ associations at national and sectoral Level. ADA’s contribution will benefit approximately 16.137 Workers. Women Workers are particularly targeted. Workers’ families, who are mostly from rural areas, also benefit indirectly from improved employment and labour practices, as they in turn enable workers to remit savings as well as to bring back new skills and experiences to their sending communities.

Activities planned with ADA’s contribution : Develop strategies and Action plans regarding gender mainstreaming, provide Trainings including Revision of Training modules, provide prevention Workshops, support legal aid Centers, review and design Tools and Information Management Systems, develop communication strategies, broadcast Messages on radio, build partnerships, Conduct Analysis in Recruiting and retaining processes,

Financement : OEZA
Budget  : € 1.800.000,00

Austrian Development Agency

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