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Supporting Transformative Resilience in Area C, East Jerusalem and Gaza


Titre : Supporting Transformative Resilience in Area C, East Jerusalem and Gaza

Pays : Palestinian Territories

Partenaire (s) : UNDP - United Nations Development Programme - United States

Période d’exécution : Project start : 01.08.2020 — End : 31.12.2022

The programme aims to improve resilience for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Gaza and Area C through reduced development gaps and enhanced access to sustainable and quality services and economic opportunities in the targeted areas.

Groupe cible/ Beneficiaires  : The programme will target 3 areas in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), East Jerusalem, Area C and peri-urban and rural areas in the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. The target beneficiaries comprise 11.000 beneficiaries including around 4000 youth, 80 communities, 500 businesses, 140 public institutions (schools, health centers, etc) and civil society organizations (CSOs) across oPt. Of those beneficiaries approximately 1,000 can be attributed to ADA’s funding share.

• Improving comprehensive urban planning and urban development in East Jerusalem from identifying land, zoning and planning, to financing and management • Supporting a competitive and inclusive labour market and local economy, targeting youth and women • Improving supply and access to various quality services from Palestinian institutions and organisations • Linking short-term dignified jobs to community resilience and sustainable development • Fostering a new generation of youth to become inspirational leaders for the future, closing the labour skills gaps with supported skills development and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) support in potential growth markets • Verifying community economic development and local governance needs in line with the community transition strategy • Facilitating sustainable economic development, and private sector investment and engagement in around Area C • Improving service provision for economic activities and livelihood support while addressing the governance gap • Technical assistance and guidance for PMO to guide, coordinate, finance and track socioeconomic responses and the PM’s cluster development approach • Facilitating technical coordination across ministries to centralise government efforts and strengthen line ministries’ capacities to effectively meet emerging needs

Financement : OEZA
Budget  : € 2.900.000,00

Austrian Development Agency

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