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Early Action to protect livestock assets and food sources in Somalia


Titre : Early Action to protect livestock assets and food sources in Somalia

Pays /Région : Somalie

Code projet : OSRO/SOM/907/UK

Durée : 16/06/2019 — 31/03/2020

Objectif (s) : To support emergency and longer-term sustainable responses by providing timely information and analysis on the food security, nutrition, and livelihood situation in Somalia.

* Supported the treatment of 10 067 320 goats belonging to 251 683 households. * Supported the vaccination of 6 million goats against contagious caprine pleuropneumonia, benefiting 151 000 pastoralist and agropastoralist households. * Provided 4 300 households with agricultural inputs (sorghum, maize, cowpea and/or assorted vegetable seeds, tools, storage bags and irrigation hours).* Trained beneficiary households on good agricultural practices, integrated production and pest management, water use and management, and post-harvest management including how to minimize storage losses, and trained 430 Nutrition Champions (50 percent women). * Trained 30 Ministry of Agriculture Development staff on Desert Locust surveillance and control, including use of FAO’s eLocust3 system and application of biopesticides. * Mobilized 200 community members as Desert Locust scouts, who are now contributing to the community-based Desert Locust Early Warning System. * Procured 3 000 kg of biopesticides, two vehicle-mounted sprayers and four back-mounted sprayers for Desert Locust control operations. * Treated 1 000 ha during the project period (contributing towards a total of 34 225 ha sprayed as of July 2020

Partenaires : Federal and State line ministries, Non-governmental Organizations, Livestock Professional Associations

Bénéficiaires : 255 983 households and Government line ministry staff.

Financement : United Kingdom
Contribution : USD 6 329 175

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